Monday, March 12, 2012

MARCH MADNESS (well, for a vegan anyway)

As you can tell by my recent posts, I am on a quest to make the best vegan sandwiches (or, sammies as they are called in this house) – and I mean thee best (thee as in biblical terms and the way I like to refer to “the” when I am being especially emphatic). This means you will see recipes for the lunchmeat, marinades and sauces, hoagie rolls and even mayo. I am feeling like the vegan Martha Stewart as of late. The very first episode of her show that I saw was on making the best BLT – she bought the bread from a fancy pants bakery and had it delivered from somewhere that required an airplane (probably France or Italy – I cannot recall). She went to the farm and selected the pig from whose buttocks the bacon would be removed. She plucked the lettuce and tomato from her own garden. And, she made the mayo herself. The mayo part really stuck with me. The fact that you could make all of your own ingredients, including the condiments, really resonated with me, and made me want to constantly explore ways to be more self-sufficient and cost-effective in the kitchen. My goal here is to make stuff that my family will eat, that are healthier versions of what you could otherwise buy in the store without the unnecessary preservatives and other undesirables (and hopefully, better versions of those things), and save money in the process. My efforts this last month bring me back to that first Martha episode I saw. Even if you don’t elect to make your own bread, meat and condiments, at least you now know that being vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t do those things.

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